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Thilo Albers, Kalle Kappner
Perks and Pitfalls of City Directories as a Micro-Geographic Data Source
Explorations in Economic History, Vol. 87 (January 2023): 101476
online available:

Mathias Bühler
On the Other Side of the Fence: Property Rights and Productivity in the United States
Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 21, N. 1 (February 2023): pp. 93-134
online available: 

Emilio Esguerra, Leonhard Vollmer*, Johannes Wimmer*
Influence Motives in Social Signaling: Evidence from COVID-19 Vaccinations in Germany
American Economic Review: Insights, forthcoming
online available: 

Navid Sabet*
Turning Out for Redistribution: The Effect of Voter Turnout on Top Marginal Tax Rates
Public Choice, Vol. 194, N. 3-4 (March 2023): pp. 347-367
online available: 


Davide Cantoni, Louis-Jonas Heizlsperger, David Y. Yang, Noam Yuchtman, Y. Jane Zhang
The fundamental determinants of protest participation: Evidence from Hong Kong’s antiauthoritarian movement
Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 211 (July 2022): 104667
online verfügbar:

Felix Hagemeister*
Populism and Propagation of Far-Right Extremism
European Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 72 (March 2022): 102116
online available:

Daniel Wissmann*
Finally a Smoking Gun? Compensating Wage Differentials and the Introduction of Smoking Bans in Germany
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, Vol. 14, N. 1 (January 2022): pp. 75–106
online available:


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Persistent Political Engagement: Social Interactions and the Dynamics of Protest Movements
American Economic Review: Insights, Vol. 3, N. 2 (June 2021): pp. 233–250
online available:

David Schindler, Mark Wescott*
Shocking Racial Attitudes: Black G.I.s in Europe
Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 88, N. 1 (January 2021), pp. 489–520
online available:


Daphne Alvarez Villa*, Jenny Guardado
The long-run influence of institutions governing trade: Evidence from smuggling ports in colonial Mexico.
Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 144 (May 2020): 102453
online available:

Davide Cantoni
China und Hongkong am Scheideweg
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik, Vol. 21, N. 2 (June 2020): pp. 185–196
online available:


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"Protests as Strategic Games: Experimental Evidence from Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement"
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 134, N. 2 (May 2019): pp. 1021–1077
online available:


Davide Cantoni, Jeremiah Dittmar, Noam Yuchtman
Religious Competition and Reallocation: The Political Economy of Secularization in the Protestant Reformation
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 133, N. 4 (November 2018): pp. 2037–2096
online available:

Johannes Blum**
Defense Burden and the Effect of Democracy: Evidence from a Spatial Panel Analysis
Defence and Peace Economics, Vol. 29 (2018); pp. 614-641
online available:


Tillmann von Carnap***
Irrigation as a Historical Determinant of Social Capital in India? A Large-Scale Survey Analysis
World Development, Vol. 95 (July 2017): pp. 316–333
online available:

Davide Cantoni, Yuyu Chen, David Y. Yang, Noam Yuchtman, Y. Jane Zhang
Curriculum and Ideology
Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 125, N. 2 (April 2017): pp. 338–392
online available:


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A Tear in the Iron Curtain: The Impact of Western Television on Consumption Behavior
Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 91, N. 1 (March 2016): pp. 25–41
online available:


Alexandra Semrad*
Modern Secondary Education and Economic Performance: The Introduction of the Gewerbeschule and Realschule in Nineteenth-Century Bavaria
Economic History Review, Vol. 68, N. 4 (November 2015): pp. 1306–1338
online available:

Davide Cantoni
The Economic Effects of the Protestant Reformation: Testing the Weber Hypothesis in the German Lands
Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 13, N. 4 (August 2015): pp. 561–598
online available:


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Medieval Universities, Legal Institutions, and the Commercial Revolution
Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 129, N. 2 (May 2014): pp. 823–887
online available:


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The Political Economy of Educational Content and Development: Lessons from History
Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 104 (September 2013): pp. 233–244
online available:


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Adopting a New Religion: The Case of Protestantism in 16th Century Germany
Economic Journal, Vol. 122, N. 560 (May 2012): pp. 502–531
online available:


Daron Acemoglu, Davide Cantoni, Simon Johnson, and James A. Robinson
The Consequences of Radical Reform: The French Revolution
American Economic Review, Vol. 101, N. 7 (December 2011): pp. 3286–3307
online available:


* Former PhD student
** Former MSc student (published MSc thesis)
*** Former BSc student (published BSc senior thesis)

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