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Letters of Recommendation

Recommendation Letters

We are happy to write letters of recommendation in support of applications for Master and PhD studies as long as you have taken at least one exam or seminar at the Chair and/or if you have written your Bachelor thesis under the supervision of Professor Cantoni. We will not write a letter of recommendation when your grades are likely to make an application unsuccessful. We are also unable to write letters of recommendation for programs that require submission of the letter via complex or time-consuming online platforms (for example IE). We do not write letters for MBA or other management programs. 

Master applications

If you want a letter of recommendation in support of applications for Master's programs, please write an email to Leonhard Vollmer ( detailing the programs you are applying for and which courses you have taken at the Chair (and grades for those courses). Please include an up-to-date CV and a transcript of your grades, as well as a letter of motivation if one is required for any of your applications. Please contact us at least four weeks before your first admission deadline.

If necessary we will discuss your list of Master's programs with you. Once we have let you know which letters of recommondation we are willing to write, please send us an Excel spreadsheet containing the following information on each course that you require a letter for:

- name of university and exact title of course

- submission deadline

- relevant comments, for example if a letter has to be submitted by post.

Please do not add any programs to the list once you have submitted it to us.

Application for PhD programs

Please contact Prof. Davide Cantoni directly if you require a letter of recommendation for a PhD program. Please note that applications for PhD programs should be planned well in advance.