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The Chair of Economic History at the Department of Economics, LMU Munich, carries out research and teaching by studying the historical evolution of economic development. The object of interest is the examination of relationships between institutional, cultural, technological, or geographical factors and economic growth from a historical perspective. Methodologically, the analysis is based on economic modeling and, in particular, on the latest findings in applied, quantitative economic research. Particular attention is devoted to the identification of causal relationships in the context of the statistical analysis of historical economic data. Collecting and analyzing historical statistics is therefore essential. Results from these studies help us to understand the comparative paths of economic development across different countries, but have also important implications for economic policy today, in developing countries and in economically developed nations as well.

The Chair of Economic History carries out teaching of Economic History at all levels. Elective courses in Economic History are offered for bachelor, master and doctoral students. Focus seminars with yearly changing topics are also offered for bachelor students.